Title of the master's Thesis



   An Analytical Study of the Salt Influence on Bricks and of Their Conservation Materials Considering Water Absorption
   and Desorption Properties
   The resources in City Walk Tourism and the intent of the local governments
    - Case study on the 23 wards of Tokyo -
   A Study on the Activities of Interpretation in Natural Parks of Japan.
   Study on Folk Cultural Heritage as a Basis of Communities
   - A Case Study of the Oda Gion Festival of Tsukuba City -
   A study on the Environmental Change in and Conservation of the Summer Retreat Areas in Karuizawa
   A Study on the Structural Dynamic Behaviors of Hagia Sophia
   Existing Conditions and Prospects of World Heritage Education Program in Elementary Schools in Japan
   Storage Spaces in Museums and Libraries : Designing Simple Alternative Methods for the Source Determination
   and Mitigation of Gaseous Pollutants
   Comparison of the Preservation and Conservation of Architectural Heritage between Japan and China
   The Facade of Zhongshanzhong Road Historic Area in Hangzhou City, China
   The Role of Art Districts as "Place" of the Chinese Contemporary Art
   Heritage and Religion Christianity in Asian Societies- A Case Study of St.Paul's in Macaus-
   Study on the Historical and Cultural Significance of Tomioka Central Inner City District
   A study on the conservation and management of religious heritage- A case of Churches in Nagasaki -
   Study on Actual Condition and Trend in Tourism Associations of Tokyo


  Recognition of the World Natural Heritage Sites in Japan as Tourism Resources
  Illegal import or export and repatriation of cultural properties (focusing on cases of the colonial period)
  Analysis and Challenges of the Sign Planning in Important Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings
  The Community based Tourism of Sagada, Mt.Province in the Philippines
  Historical images of Nara in the photo archives
   -Landscape analysis of the snapshots taken by Taikichi Irie
  An Architectural Study of Saint Pierre du Kef, Tunisia
  A study on usage of “ISAN(Heritage)”
  A study regarding the relation between collections and media in museums :
   changes in exhibit presentation and variability in the realm of exhibition 
  Interaction between architecture and exhibition in the Converted Museum
   - A case study on Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum -
  Multiple value of Industrial Heritage in Ashio Copper Mine
  The Research of Culture Tourism Experience Program
   - A Case Study of the ZAZEN Experience Program at Kamakura Kenchoji Temple -
  The Current Situations and Effect of the Tour Guide Activities in Kawagoe Historic Town
  A Study about Statue of the Buddha Amitabha in the Longmen Grottoes in the Early Tang Dynasty
  Comparative Study on Tourism Management in Xidi and Hongcun
   - Ancient World Heritage Villages, Southern Anhui, China
  Conservation and Utilization of Regional Post Office Buildings
  Policy on the German war monuments in Berlin raised after the second World War
  A study on World Heritage and Sustainable Development
   - Status analysis focusing on World Cultural Heritage sites -
  Management of Japanese Pre-modern Castles Designated as Historic Sites


  Sustainable in Situ Preservation of Historical Stained Glasses in Japan
  A study of the Sakyamuni and Prabhutarantna Buddha in Yungang Tanyao 5 caves.
  Possibility of local contributions with archaeological surveys and academic results at Kaman kale höyük
  The current status of Buddhist temples in modern society and an examination of their future as cultural resources
   - A proposal for preserving the memories of local temples in the mining town Aikawa -
  A study on the transition and conservationof towns in the Aso caldera
  A study on the Statues of the third period on the Yunkan Caves 
  A study of the birth, diffusion and cultural meaning of the Catalan Vault
  The Current Status and Issues of Educational Activities of History and Folk Museum in IBARAKI Prefecture
   - Focused on the Cooperation of Museum and Citizen -
  Current Status and Issues regarding Excavation and Conservation of Cultural Heritage by Japan at Archaeological Sites
   in the Middle East Region
  Damage and damage-analysis of the Kodo-kan,Mito city, Ibaraki, caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake
  Actual Conditions and Problems of Use of Cultural Properties as Unique Venues for MICE
  Capacity building program of HeritageManager in Hyogo
  The transition of the Gokayama Washi
  A study on tourism management towardssustainable conservation system of traditional villages in Korea
   : Based on casestudies of Yangdong folk village and Naganeupseong folk village
  Placing residents at the heart:An analytical study of the current situation of community cultural development activities towards
   the urban regeneration of George Town, Malaysia


  The Current State, Views and Problems of World Heritage Education in Japan
   - Focusing on the Elementary Education of Nara City
  Development of technical measures  for the assessment of heritage site utilization
   and the deterioration diagnosis using vibration analysis
  The Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in Traditional LocalCommunities   
   - Focusing on the Festivals (matsuri) in Takayama
  A Study on the Streetscape of the Historic Districts in Singapore
   - Front facades in Kampong Glam and Little India Districts -
  Significance and Prospective of the 'Heritage of Discipline and Education': A case study of Mito City,
   the Promotion Movement for the World Heritage Inscription
  Actual Conditions and Subjects of Utilizing Cultural Properties in Visual Products
   - Focusing on the Film Commission Services -
  A study on the characteristics of modern architecture remaining in the center area of large cities
  A study of the Maijishan Grottoes No.26 and No.27- featuring on their wall paintings
  Architectural heritage interpretation for the Historic city of Ayutthaya


  A Study on the Birth of Anastylosis Concept in the Athens Conference, 1931
  A Study on the Cooperation and Partnerships between the International Community and the Business Community
   for the World Heritage Conservation
  A Study on Cultural Space in Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage
  The Decision - Making Process of Modern Architecture Retrofit Projects in Chuo Ward, Tokyo  
   - Focusing on Commercial and Office Buildings-
  A Study on Structural Behaviors of Architectural Masonry Heritage
   - Structural Analysis of Hagia Sophia for Conservation -
  A Proposal of Monitoring Methods for the Preventive Conservation of Brick Masonry Buildings
   - The Experiment on Timber-framed Brick Masonry Buildings in the Former Tomioka  Silk Mill-
  The Current Condition and Problems of the Management of the Prambanan National Archaeological Parls, Indonesia
  Current Condition and Prospects of Tourist Reception Services for Foreign Visitors in Mt. Takao Area
  A Study on Folklore and the concept of the "Intangible Cultural Heritage", in comparison with the Law for the Protection of Cultural Properties
  Conservation and Re-use of Ex-Bangumi community school in Kyoto
  A Study on The Movement in Kanazawa to inscribe on The World Heritage List
   - Focusing on the Activities of Related People-
  A Study of distinctive features of Beiqi Jinyang tombs in China
  A Study on Sightseeing Information Presentation in World Heritage Sites: A Case Study of "Shrines and Temples of Nikko"
  Current Status of "Settai" in Shikoku Pilgrimage : Focusing on the Resting Places in Tokushima Prefecture
  A Study on Conservation and Succession for Intangible Cultural Heritage  "The Wayang Puppet Theatre"
  Evaluating the Cultural Heritage Value of Ryujiro Yanaka's Residence as Modern Japanese Architecture
  A Study on History and Actual Condition of the Complex in Former Sasebo Naval Base (Sasebo-chinjyufu)
  Subjects for Conservation and Restoration / Practical Use of Archaeological Sites from the View of User's Activities
   - A Case Study of Jomon Archaeological Sites in Hokkaido, Northern Tohoku


  A Study on the Transition and Creation of Tourism Attractions in Sado Island
  A Study on Roles of Temples as Cultural Resources in Local Communities-Based on a Case Study of Daio-ji Temple
   in Tochigi-Based on a Case Study of Daio-ji Temple in Tochigi
  Structure of Cultural Heritage Guide Groups in Nikko-"Nikko Dendo Annai Kyodo Kumiai" and Modern Cultural
   Heritage Guides-"Nikko Dendo Annai Kyodo Kumiai" and Modern Cultural Heritage Guides
  A study on the cultural heritage relating to land use and the role of the Water Boards in the Netherlands
  Conservation Scientific Study of Urushi Objects Originally Manufactured with Drying Oil Addition such as Perilla Oil
  Existing Conditions and Prospects of the Street Pavement in Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings
  A study on structural problems and reuse of brick constructions
   -A proposal for applying the "Haus-im-Haus" methods to Tomioka Silk Mill buildings-
  A Study on the Farmland Conservation in Gokayama Ainokura Village
  Study of the Change of the Restoration of Overpainting in the Case of Japanese Wooden Buddhist Sculptures
  Remediation of reinforced concrete buildings based on Building Pathology
  The method of the practical use of historic buildings as accommodations by the Landmark Trust in the United Kingdom
  Investigation of the Consolidation Methods of Porous Materials such as Stone


  A Study on Jerusalem as World Heritage in Danger
  Features of Looting in Peru and Its Measures
  A Study on the Protection of "Panoramic Views" as Places of Scenic Beauty
  Significances and Prospect of Archaeological Sites in Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
   - Based on the Archaeological Sites of Sabratha and Tolmeita -
  A Study on the International Cooperation Project for Borobudur Remains
  Protection of Twentieth Century Architectural Heritage - Based on Analysis of Finnish Architectural Review "Arkkitehki"
  Improvement Method for Preservation of Historic District
   - Issues of Important Method and its Appropriate Visions in Mimitsu Important Preservation Districts
   for Groups of Historic Buildings in Hyuga City
  Characteristics of Historical and Cultural Heritage Conservation under the Policy of Famous Cities of Historical
   and Cultural Value in China
  World Heritage in Danger
   : The Significance of the Protection and Management of World Heritage Properties
  Outcome and Problem of Artisan Training System in Preservation of Japanese Architectural Heritage
   - Focusing on Trainings by Selected Conservation Technique Holding Groups-
  A Study on the Establishment Process of the Protection of Cultural Property the Event of Armed Conflict
   - the Situation in the Interwar Period-
  Study of salt-problems and treatments of exposed archaeological sites and remains
  Deterioration and Conservation of Mosaics in Historical Buildings
  A Study of Conservation Plans of Paintings in Japan Orthodox Church
  A Study on the Characteristics and Perception of the Landscape in Oya Town
  A Study of The Statues of Bodhisattva with Coral Decoration at Maijishan Cave
  Study of the morphological feature of the corrosion products of the iron and control and of the corrosion
  Analysis of restoration materials used in earthen architecture in El Salvador, Central America


  Interpretation of Cultural Properties in Historic Districts
  A Study on "Kayabuki" as Traditional Culture - Case Study on Shirakawa-go; the World Heritage Site-
  Study on the Changes of Forest Landscape in Kitayama Area, Kyoto City
  Conservation of the Modern Civil Engineering Structures " Water Gate"
   : Case Study on the Water System of Tone River in Ibaraki Prefecture
  Process of Enactment of the Law for the Protection of Cultural Properties - A Study Based on the GHQ/SCAP Records- 
  The Role of "mecenat" for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage
  Characteristic Aspect of International Cooperation in Conservation in Conservation at the World Heritage Site
   "Town of Laung Prabang" in Lao P. D. R
  Influence of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake on Risk Preparedness for Cultural Properties
   - Focusing on the Protection of Historic Buildings-
  Research on the Roles its Transition of Water Environment in Ogimachi, Shirakawa-mura
  Significance and Value of Kumano Sankeimichi - relationship between Culture Heritage, Tourism, and Local People
  Methods of Conservation for Historic Building in Yokohama City
  Peacetime Military Measures in the Reports on the Convention for the Protection
   of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict 
  A Study on Cultural Landscape in Kawakami-mura
   : Transition of Relationship between People and Space
  Basic Study on the Description of the World Heritage
   - Comparative Analysis of Data Standards for Inventories and Format for Description-
  A Study on the Inheritance of "Memory" as Common Properties of a Community
   - An Examination at Haramachi District of Minamisoma City in Fukushima Prefecture-
  The Conservation and Tourism Development of the World Heritage Site
   "The Lijiang Old Town"- A Case Study in Shuhe Housing Cluster-
  A Study on OKIHIKI of ISE Shrine
  Identification of Pigments and Dyestuffs Ukiyo-e Prints using visible
   - Near Infrared Photography equipped with Filters
  Human Resource Development for Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Properties
   - Case Study of International Support at World Heritage "Angkor" in Cambodia
  Study on Waterproof Treatment Using Synthetic Resins at Cultural Assets Made of Concrete
  Presentation Methods of Information in Archaeological Heritage
   - Possibility for Digital information Technology Connecting the Past and the Present-


  A Study on Tourist Information in Sightseeing with Cultural Properties
  A Study on The Possible Participation of Local in The Use of Archaeological Heritages
  A Study for the Evaluation of the Tomioka Silk Mill as Industrial Heritage
     - A Comparative Study with British Spinning Mills Inscribed on the World Heritage List-
  A Study on Cultural Heritage Education in Japan.
      - Based on a Consciousness Survey of The Elementary and Middle School Pupils-
  Analysis and Proposal for Management Model of Cultural Property Tourism
  Cultural Routes - An Emerging Concept of the Heritage-
  Process of Adoption of the World Heritage Convention and Progress of Ratification of the Convention by Japan
  A Study on Relationship between Heritage and Memories in International Charters and Recommendations
  Conservation of Timber- Framed Houses in Historic Towns - Case Studies in England and Germany -
  Significance of World Heritage Site with Negative History
  Challenges for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage: A Case of Masked Dances in Sri-Lanka
  Morphological Research on Raw Materials of Calcium Carbonate Used for Cultural Property
  Identity of Ryukyuan Culture in the Art Craft
      - Dual Aspects of the Kingdom of Ryukyu : Examined by Modern Lacquer Ware and Bingata-
  A Study on Evaluation of Cultural Heritage, Maijishan Stone Cave Temple
     - through the Conception of Constructing the Cave Temple of Maijishan-
  A Study on Social Roles of Cultural Property in Thailand