Title of the doctoral dissertation

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  Construction system and methods in Spanish colonies: case studies in the valley of Mexico
  Mosaics in Hagia Sophia, Documentation and Study on Material Characteristics/Techniques
  Study on Administration of Cultural Heritage Conservation in the Great Socialist Peoples’ Libyan Arab Jamahiriya


  Protection of Twentieth Century Architectural Heritage in Finland
  Study of the iron reducing bacteria for the corrosion of archaeological iron object
  Management strategies towards sustainable tourism in small island developing states (SIDS):
   The Jamaican experience


  Change and continuity of traditional houses in the world heritage site of the world old town of Lijiang (China)
  A study on the conservation of traditional houses focused on the analysis of Baisha village
  A Study on the Birth of UNESCO
   - The Succession and Evolution of Cultural Heritage Protection Policies of The League of Nations and The Conference
   of Allied Ministers of Education -
  A Study on the process of the enactment of the law for the protection of cultural properties Demonstration of the transition
   from draft to law and background of the drafting by GHQ/SCAP records
  Issues of the "Convention for theProtection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict" andEfforts towards Improving
   and Developing its Regime

  A Study on the presentation for the architectural heritage from the museological point of view
  Comparative Study on Conservation of Timber Frame and Mixed Construction Buildings of Cultural
   Interest in Panama and Japan
  Research on the Sustainable Tourism Development of Historic District in China A Case Study of Shuhe Housing Cluster,
   World Heritage Site "The Lijiang Old Town"