Doctoral Program in World Cultural Heritage Studie

In response to the social and internationalappeals for the protection of the World Cultural Heritage, “World CulturalHeritage Studies” is aimed at training advanced researchers and specialistsengaged in identification, protection and preservation of heritage around theworld with sophisticated expertise. “World Cultural Heritage Studies” wasinaugurated in April 2006 as the first and only doctoral program in the worldparticularly relating to the studies of the world cultural heritage. It isorganized according to the following sections; Conservation Philosophy, Policyand Administration in Heritage Conservation, Project Management and Tourism,Heritage Landscape, Architectural Heritage, History and Heritage of Art,Conservation Science. Students of this doctoral program are expected todevelop, widen, or deepen their academic experience in the “World HeritageStudies,” a two-year master’s program in the Graduate School of Art and Design,or in other institutions of similar specialty and standard.

  Natural Heritage Conservation (YOSHIDA Masahito)

・Development of Natural Heritage Conservation System
・Survey Conservation case sutides of natural heritage
・Evaluation protection system of IUCN
  Policy and Administration in Heritage Conservation (INABA Nobuko)

・Comparative study of administrative systems on protection of cultural heritage
・International cooperation for heritage conservation
  Project Development and Management of Heritage Sites UEKITA Yasufumi

・Conservation of Traditional Settlements and Historic Buildings
・Research and Evaluation of Heritage Sites

  History and Heritage of Art (YAGI Haruo)

・Survey, analysis and investigation of Art Heritage based on art history
  Heritage Landscape (KURODA Nobu)

・Survey, analysis, evaluation and conservation of Cultural landscape, from an aspect of both physical and social point of view
  Conservation Science (MATSUI Toshiya)

・Development, application and evaluation of technology to prevent deterioration of various cultural heritages and excavation ruins by the natural science-method
  Development Tourism Planning (ITO Hiromu)

・Development of the system for making resources from both natural and cultural heritage (including their surrounding environment) and for the sustainable use of them